Dancing in the backstreets with Sarah and Brayden

I think the best word to describe Sarah and Brayden and their wedding day is giddy - right from the start of the day you could feel the excitement and puppy love in the air. It was like watching two people receiving a flirty text message from their new crush -ALL DAY LONG.

Hosted by my pals at The Post Office Hotel and then featured on Hello May - this is going down as an all timer.


Colourful bombshells in a pop party love fest - Claire and Alex

So these two are the people you see in real life and look like they are out of a Coke commercial and you think - man I would love to bask in their glow. Well thats how I felt too! I got to bask in their glow all day and these two truely are glorious dreamboats, and not just for the ad.

They got married in front of 'the window' at Panama Dining Room and then featured on Ivory Tribe.

True romantics who love a good noodle market - Vinnie and Emma

Two things featured heavily in Vinnie and Emmas wedding - their love of the night noodle markets, and their adoration of their family - heck the whole guest list was in love with Vinnies Mum after a killer speech and then ripper dance floor moves. No doubt in mind this was the best day of their lives.

At the evergreen industrial icon Noisy Ritual and featured over on Ivory Tribe.

BEN + ELIZA-249.jpg

Pfft rain - lets head to the bar! Party priority with Ben and Eliza

These cool cats had their ceremony ready to go in the beautiful Queens Park, only to be rained out, then back on, then back off, while everyone huddled under trees and umbrellas - the call was made and all guests were sent to the bar while the groom and his groomsmen unpacked, transported, and re set up the ceremony at the reception location in 45 minutes! All the while leaving a little time for us to dance in the rain. 

Those wonderful folk at the Post Office Hotel pulling staff together and getting shit sorted with zero notice. This one featured over on Ivory Tribe.

Jake really is a funny son of gun -Tash and Jake deliriously happy during the downpour

When the celebrant is openly hanging a bit of shit on the groom for his responses to the ceremony questionnaire - you know you are in for a good night. Tash loves the hell out of Jake and throws every compliment his way, Jake thinks he is the luckiest man alive to lockdown that 10/10 human Tash - thats a pretty perfect combo for a happy life - and a pretty spesh portrait sesh.

Post Office Hotel - my home away from home and featured over on Together Journal


Colour, picnic, mojito icy-poles? More you say? Anna and Andrew for your viewing pleasure

These dreamboats focused on Italian Alfresco styling, and added a bit of bold, a splash of bright and we all know I love vibrant and extraordinary lovers - these two are just that! With picnic vibes these two made sure that things can be practical AND pretty. The views - the florals - the food - the CAKE.  - All magic made even better by hanging out with mates. Thats me (and 100 so others)

On an incredible private property down the Mornington Peninsular this wedding and all its glory was featured over on Ivory Tribe.

These crystal loving, dance-floor divas are everyones best friend. Jess and Doxey.

Oh the energy at this one - and it wasnt just the crystals. I swear the love pouring from every guest for these two was a sight to behold.  This one had it all, and more. So much joy, so much dancing, and so much sparkle. 

When you want cows in your portraits because they are your spirit animal, your my kind of people. Jess and Doxeys Euroa Butter Factory wedding was featured on Nouba, and their style made the best of the year on the Nouba blog too - I think that stella dress had a bit to do with it.

Claire and Alex highlights-073A8250_edited.jpg