Vibrant and honest wedding photography you’ll relish forever

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Choosing a photographer is on par with the pressure of choosing a house or naming your first child. You’ll be looking at your wedding photos forever so they better be good, right?


So, what’s my photography style? It tends to be fun, vibrant and honest. Look at my photos and you’ll see couples with individual style having a blast – lively images with pops of colour. 


I love couples who are not afraid of doing things their way. Whether that’s planning a non-traditional ceremony, throwing a reception at an unexpected venue, or rockin’ colourful outfits down a makeshift aisle. I want to celebrate you doing you.


I’m not really a fan of posed photos; I like to take photographs of real interactions. I’ll give you the odd nudge here and there (if you need it) but by the time we get to the photos, you’ll feel comfortable with me.

 I make you feel comfortable, which makes you look relaxed, which makes for REAL photos.

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