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I love everything about weddings – the exchanging of vows, the magic of the ceremony, and the wedding party busting it out on the dance floor – heck, I love it all!

I love documenting speech time in all its glory. I feel lucky to have captured the funny, embarrassing and heartfelt stories of so many families.

Golden hour is a time couples cherish. It’s when the sun goes down and casts that warm light.


It’s time for you to sneak away, get a glass of bubbles, and have a giggle and a smooch with just the two of you (and me).


I get genuinely excited about your wedding because, by the time the day rolls around, you’re my mate and I want you to have a bloody ball. I want your wedding to be relaxed, happy and fun – and I go out of my way to make it that way. 


After a long day of sharing the love, I relive every moment while I create your gallery. This is a lovely process because I think of you looking through the images and getting goosebumps while you relive it too.

Want to know more?

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OK, here goes...

I'm a qualified paediatric intensive care nurse, which is part of why I'm so good with new faces. I have a knack for putting people at ease, whether it’s their best day or their worst. I still work at a hospital a couple of days a week. 


I’ve taken photos since I was 14, when I bought my first camera. My wall was covered with pictures of people sharing real life moments.


It’s no surprise I turned out to be a wedding photographer, right?

I met my husband Sam while travelling in South East Asia. We’re both born travellers and, before we had kids, we backpacked together for a year through North, Central and South America. Sam actually proposed under the northern lights in Canada. These were some of the most special times of my life. 


Now, most of my adventures are with my two ragamuffin kids: Lilly, 3, and Sonny, 5. The highlight of my week is Sam’s Instagram stories of these two living their best lives.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m engaging in messy play with my kids, or ordering takeout and drinking beer with my family and friends on the verandah.

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Some of my  favourite things

Coffee (keeps me alive with two small kids)

Gin and tequila based cocktails

Sunday afternoons with my family, nibbling on snacks in the park 

Watching the way my husband plays with our kids

Sunday morning snuggle-fests

My bed linen (but most of all my big bed)

Watching my indoor plants grow in spring

Think we'll vibe?

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"We can't wait to find another excuse to invite Nikki back into our lives"

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