Vibrant photography 



Vibrant and honest wedding photography you’ll relish forever

It goes without saying. You want to remember your wedding forever, and it’s the photos that take you back.


Back to the full-belly laughs, loved-up eyes and those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, especially at sunset when you have champagne in hand and the nerves have subsided.


You’re not planning a traditional wedding. It’s more like a party, right?


So you want a like-minded photographer who will celebrate the weird and wonderful connection you share with your partner and the people you love. Someone who will capture all your magic! 



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Will we vibe? Let’s find out.

Hi, I’m Nikki!


I’m the kind of person who can talk to anyone.

If they’re part of your tribe, we’ll vibe.

And this is good, because real human connection makes for super fun and vibrant photos.


I usually photograph down-to-earth couples who are not afraid of doing things their way, whether that’s planning a non-traditional ceremony, throwing a wedding on a mountain top, or rockin’ colourful outfits down a makeshift aisle. I want to celebrate you doing you.

You know what else makes for awesome wedding photos? No stress. This is your day. And as much as you’re sharing it with your guests, you should be having a good time too. 


I see it as my duty to support you on the day in any way I can. You’ll see me carrying bags, spraying deodorant, directing people to reception, even giving out tips on making it safely out of the bathroom in a wedding dress! I make your day as easy and breezy as it can possibly be.


I believe photography should be fun! So I encourage you to slow down near sunset and revel in the adoration you have for each other. The more fun you’re having, the better your photos turn out. So get your drink, grab some snacks and let’s get our fun on.


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