Documenting rad love stories

Wedding photography for the fun lovers

A little about me

Photography for the fun lovers.

I love variety in my life, variety in my images and variety in my work - so no matter what type of wedding or love party you're having, I'm going to love capturing it because variety keeps me excited and keeps me looking for something new in the images I take.

My jam is capturing the moments that make your wedding yours, that show how full of love a whole room is for the both of you on your wedding day, it's about you; but it's also about them, and I am about capturing it all.

My favourite part of the day is just as the sun goes down and casts that 'golden light' -  its time to sneak away, have a glass of bubbles, and have a giggle and a smooch with the person you love most in the world, and me, your new pal who gets to be there with you. 

Photograph by Kinship by Kristy

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What I am all about..

Comfort - both on the couch and making you feel it in front of the camera

Love and laughter - capturing it as you show it, whether thats with smooches or side ways glances - ill get cha

Being kind and relaxed - I am here to help. I don't want your day running to a 5 minutely schedule that will stress you out, we will work it out together so it works.


Ultimately fun ( see pictured above, below, and to the left). 

Sounding like we might just mesh? Let's chat!

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